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Where can I find season 6 of love and hip hop Waterbury

By | 27.07.2020

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 9 trailer, premiere date and everything else you need to know

Sign In. Love and Hip Hop: New York —. S6, Ep1. Error: please try again. Remy Ma makes a triumphant return to the stage after serving 6 and a half years behind bars. Peter finds himself in a sticky situation with Amina and Tara. Yandy and Mendeecees face an uncertain future, and a crop of young female artists battle for the top spot at DJ Self's Cypher. S6, Ep2. Rich Dollaz welcomes a new lady into his home. Rah Ali and Yandy have difficulties with their artists. Papoose warns Remy Ma about her wedding planner, and Amina confronts Tara about Peter's whereabouts, leading to an unlikely family reunion.

S6, Ep3. Cardi reveals some news to Yorma at MariahLynn's birthday party. Mendeecees prepares to head to his sentencing.

Where can I find season 6 of love and hip hop Waterbury

S6, Ep4. An unlikely friendship is formed when Mariah advises Cardi to make things right with Self. Rich is hit with an unpleasant surprise from his daughter's mother. Cisco finds himself in a predicament at BBOD's singles release party. S6, Ep5. Yandy learns the next steps of Mendeecees' legal case.

Mariah receives devastating news about a family member. Cardi B and Bianca take etiquette training. S6, Ep6. Self faces new temptations despite his efforts to win back Yorma. Peter and Amina try to move forward as a couple. Tara makes a shocking admission. Remy Ma helps Rah Ali with a fashion show but the event ends in a quarrel. S6, Ep7.The show was primarily filmed in AtlantaGeorgia. Nina L. The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Atlanta area, involved in hip hop music.

Production on the season was affected by the —20 coronavirus pandemicwith cast members filming their green screen confessional scenes while quarantined at home as seen from the season's fourth episode onwards. The remaining episodes of the season were postposed indefinitely due to the virus. We all out here grindin', trying to take care of our families and rewrite Atlanta's history for our kids.

A lot has happened over the years, but your favourite cuz Yung Joc has finally grown up. And I must say, I'm proud to see my friends acting grown and settling down too. We've all hit speedbumps on our journeys. For some of usall it took was the right woman to make a man out of the boys and get our priorities straight. But a bright future doesn't change a messy past. Some of us were shocked to learn that it's the ones you love that hurt you the most, and even more shocked to learn that when it's really worth it, when your whole family's at stake, you can forgive almost anything.

It took growin', some fussin' and fightin' along the way for all of us to find our people. That's what you need, your people and your fam. But love is tricky, and heartache can take years to heal. Hitch yourself your wagon to the wrong star, you just might find your whole world turned upside down when all you want is to find the one. And the ones you thought had your back for life no longer do. And sometimes, even when we're trying to put our family first, we find ourselves in times so dire that no one can save us from the storm.

So hug your loved ones tight and watch your back. Because in the A, baby, it ain't all peaches and cream. Kirk and Rasheeda's 20th anniversary party goes left when Alexis Skyy comes for Karlie.

Sierra fights for her freedom. Joc is horrified when Kendra asks him to get snipped. Momma Dee is in a health crisis. Karlie has been keeping a shocking secret. Up and coming rap superstar LightSkinKeisha is on the scene with her man by her side.

Karlie and Alexis bond over a shared enemy and Scrappy continues to fear for Momma Dee's life. Former besties Karlie and Sierra are left reeling after their brawl. Bambi has it out for alleged homewrecker LightSkinKeisha. Stevie uncovers Mimi's deep seated abandonment issues. Scrappy is worried Momma Dee is drinking again.

Akbar goes to war with LightSkinKeisha over her throne as the queen of Atlanta. Scrappy and Bambi seek peace for their family, but their moms have other plans in mind. Newbie Ki'yomi Leslie is on the scene. And Shooter juggles his messy love life. This is the first episode featuring Ki'yomi, as well as Cheyenne's first green screen appearance. Although credited, Rasheeda, Sierra and Stevie J do not appear. Rasheeda decides to whisk the girls away for a ski trip, but a family crisis gets in the way.Scrapp urges Cheyenne to acknowledge the reality of her situation, Bambi breaks exciting news to Scrappy in a unique way, and Kirk and Rasheeda bail Kirk Jr.

Shooter and Kiyomi see the consequences of their open relationship, Mimi tries to get Shekinah and Spice to reconnect, and Sierra gets info on BK's behavior while she's gone. The ladies kick off their ski trip with a round of pregnancy tests, Scrapp questions Shooter's integrity, Safaree and Erica join Joc's game night, and Cheyenne meets Ki'yomi.

Rasheeda plans a ski trip, Joc encourages Alexis to share her story, Sierra and Shooter's daughter is assaulted, Kirk Jr.

Scrapp celebrates a year of freedom by giving back, Akbar V clashes with LightSkinKeisha, and Bambi and Scrappy try to negotiate peace between their mothers. Bambi reveals her true feelings about LightSkinKeisha, Stevie apologizes for contributing to Mimi's abandonment issues, and Sierra and Karlie try to resolve their problems. Karlie moves forward with her divorce, Alexis meets with Karlie to discuss their issues concerning Mo, and the tension between Karlie and Sierra reaches a boiling point.

Scrappy helps Momma Dee stay healthy, Sierra prepares her defense against assault charges, and Alexis goes off at Kirk and Rasheeda's anniversary party. All Rights Reserved.

VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. VH1 Menu. Select the video you want to watch and we'll show you a list of available TV providers. Sign in with your account info and you'll be good to go. Season 9. Full Ep 9. Full Ep 8. Full Ep 7. Full Ep 6. Full Ep 5. Full Ep 4. Full Ep 3. Full Ep 2. Full Ep 1. Load More.The city's hip hop elite are about to have their lives changed in ways they never imagined — for better or for worse!

In the music mecca of the South, artists rise and fall, families grow and are torn apart, and what goes around — definitely comes around. Mimi's new relationship has everyone in Atlanta buzzing. Momma Dee snuffs out treason in the palace after Rasheeda and Kirk leave Scrappy high and dry. Chaos ensues between Tommie and Tiarra at Mimi's party.

Tiarra confronts Scrapp with an ultimatum. Tammy discovers some surprising news about a new model that she wants to hire. Tammy's luncheon with D. Smith and Betty turns left. Stevie J is back from his Hollywood adventures in LA. Waka Flocka returns to the ATL for an event. Scrapp sets up a meeting with Tiarra and Tommie.

Joseline returns to Atlanta with a vengeance. Scrappy and Rasheeda hash out their issues.

Where can I find season 6 of love and hip hop Waterbury

Karlie lets it all hang out with Lyfe Jennings. Kirk's daughter asks for help with her music career. Tommie's suspicions about Scrapp come to a fever pitch, and Mimi agonizes over Stevie J and Chris coming face to face for the first time.

A surprise guest at Joseline's party leaves everyone at odds. Momma Dee's marriage starts to show cracks. Scrappy discovers Bambi's extracurricular activities. The King Family is divided over loss. Deb Antney helms a sit down between Momma Dee and Shirleen to squash their beef once and for all. Karlie cozies up to a new man.

Stevie J threatens to sever ties with Joseline once and for all, and turns to an old friend for support. Michelle is back in town and ready to take down her haters.

Mimi and Chris come to a crossroads. Jessica Dime fans the flames between Bambi and Scrappy. Scrapp DeLeon receives devastating legal news. Michelle's listening party brings her toe to toe with D. Smith and Betty Idol. Jessica Dime takes her relationship with Scrappy to the next level. Tiarra and KK try to find common ground, despite their crumbling relationship.

Joseline is free at last, or so she thinks. Dime goes on a date with Scrappy but she's in for a surprise. When Tommie discovers a hotel receipt in Scrapp's car with Karlie's name on it, all hell breaks loose. Joseline turns to Mimi for help, and Mimi learns that Stevie is hiding secrets. Deb's panel discussion on bullying has a surprising outcome. Smith helps Ariane find her voice.But behind the scenes it can be a difficult world to navigate - even harder still for women who are trying to find their lane.

Emily has finally found the resolve to call it quits with her commitment-phobic rapper boyfriend. In the aftermath of the fight that went down at Emily's emancipation party, everyone tries to make sense of it all but battle lines are beginning to emerge. Yandy gives Chrissy a self-help book aimed at troublesome in-laws. Olivia reveals her troubled relationship with her mom.

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Kimbella also tries to make up with Emily by throwing her a party. But when Fab shows up to support her, everyone begins to wonder just how "single" she really is. She meets with a trusted aunt and uncle who drop some wisdom that seems to give her renewed strength.

Is Jim's secret plan to engage Chrissy too little too late? Jim Jones surprises Chrissy in Miami with a touchin proposal. It's a three way that creates instant tensions.

Love & Hip-Hop

Olivia meets with influential DJ Funk Master Flex hoping she'll be able to move forward by confronting her harshest critics. Meanwhile, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for her record deal quest. Is Olivia finally on the path to success? And how exactly will Yandy re-position herself now that she's dropped her number one client after 7 years.

Where can I find season 6 of love and hip hop Waterbury

In revealing, one-on-one interviews, all of the Love and Hip Hop stars speak frankly about which cast members they get along with, who they hate, and answer all of the burning questions that the fans want to know. Skip to main content. Buy season. Can't play on this device. Check system requirements.

Other seasons.PHresher buys an engagement ring, Kimbella works with Juelz's family to put out his album, and Olivia turns to Cisco to try to reclaim money she says was stolen by Rich.

Remy Ma heads to court, PHresher tries to turn over a new leaf, Mama Jones learns about Chrissy's involvement in her new house, and Safaree reveals concerning news to Erica. Papoose struggles to focus on music as Remy Ma's court date nears, Joe and Cyn cause a stir at Erica's baby shower, and Somaya suggests spiritual tea to help heal the group. After learning that Safaree's departure for New York is sooner than he let on, Erica demands he make an effort to be more supportive and considerate of her situation.

The cast reacts to the heartbreaking conversation between PHresher and Jenn, and Safaree receiving life-changing news from Erica.

While Peter is mediating a meeting between Cisco and Rich, Rich shares information about Peter's ex-wife Amina, and the conversation takes a nasty turn.

All Rights Reserved. VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

Where can I find season 6 of love and hip hop Waterbury

VH1 Menu. Latest Full Episodes. Select the video you want to watch and we'll show you a list of available TV providers. Sign in with your account info and you'll be good to go. Full Ep Latest Video Clips.The show was primarily filmed in AtlantaGeorgia.

The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Atlanta area, involved in hip hop music. It consists of 18 episodes, including a two-part reunion special hosted by Nina Parker. Michelledespite persistent rumors of a mass firing, [3] all main cast members from the previous season returned, along with Tommie Lee, who was promoted to the main cast. Although not included in the initial cast announcement, aspiring radio personality Tresure Price, aspiring singer Estelita Quintero, Stevie J 's daughter Savannah Jordan and Tommie's mother Samantha would also appear in supporting roles.

On April 19,VH1 announced that Joseline's Special Deliverya special documenting the birth of Joseline 's child, will air between the season's eighth and ninth episodes on May 1, The series premiere garnered big ratings for the network, with VH1 announcing a combined rating of 5.

Funky Dineva, who has recapped the show for six years and appeared in early episodes of the show, slammed the storyline involving Sierra and Moriah as "phony and fake" and said executive producer Mona Scott-Young "should be ashamed" to put her name on "this garbage ass, fake ass, bullshit ass show". Production on the season became increasingly troubled, with later episodes showing scenes of Joseline Hernandez and Kirk Frost breaking the fourth wall to express their displeasure with the producers.

On January 27,Bambi was hospitalized during filming, [14] and later confirmed to have quit the show due to her drama with Scrappy. The season opens with a heavily pregnant Joseline at war with Stevie over the paternity of her child. Karlie and Yung Joc have rekindled their romance, however she finds it difficult to forget his past treatment of her.

Tammy has left Waka ; while she's focused of being single and independent, he makes big attempts to win her back and fight for their family.

Tommie is dealing with the legal repercussions of her violent feud with Joseline last year. At Joseline's masquerade -themed party, Karlie and Joc are shocked when they approached by a woman named Jasmine, who claims the father of her baby born a few months ago is Kirk and him and Rasheeda face the major challenges heading towards their marriage. Joseline and Stevie struggle over the paternity of her unborn child. Tommie faces legal problems because of her ongoing beef with Joseline.

Karlie and Joc rekindle their old flame with one another. When a mysterious stranger drops a bomb, Kirk and Rasheeda's marriage is placed in serious jeopardy. The Frosts, Jasmine and her boyfriend Rod deal with the consequences of Jasmine's bomb drop. Joseline and Stevie sit face to face for the first time in months and Joseline leaves the meeting with shocking news for her friend Melissa.

Momma Dee and Ernest deal with marital issues. Tommie's out of jail, and meeting up with her real mom Samantha, and her surrogate mom, KK. Stevie gets a visit from a surprise guest. Rasheeda deals with Kirk's infidelity. Rod and Jasmine's unconventional relationship is revealed. Waka tries to make things right with Tammy. Tommie clashes with Karlie. Joseline attempts to resolve her paternity issues.

Tommie is mixing it up with new friends and a potential new man. The end may be near for Scrappy and Bambi. Karlie finds out some shocking details about Jasmine, which prompts Joc to reveal a big secret.

Joseline wants to gather friends and asks for Melissa's help. Joc and Karlie go on explosive double dates.

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